Khatiwada, Sushil

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  • I'm a final year veterinary science student from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Nepal. I truly regard ICT as very crucial mean for development of agriculture sector especially in developing country like ours. ICT based interventions provide unprecedented efficiency and accuracy to extension services ensuring better on and off farm results. Huge potential availed by the ICT sector in Nepalese agriculture remains largely neglected.  Mobile phones and internet are among commonly used but the delivery of agriculture based services through these portals here seems still far away.Along with my few enthusiastic friends, currently I’m actively involved in shaping and promoting the agriculture based websites i.e. (Social networking site for Nepalese agriculturists) and (Agriculture based scientific article sharing site). I’m also working on to develop a livestock based information sharing and networking platform that aims in promoting youth entrepreneurship and involvement of youth in agriculture.E-agriculture has always been a key platform for the knowledge sharing and networking regarding the use of ICT in agriculture globally. So, this internship will be excellent learning opportunity for me to act in local terms.

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Animal production
  • science
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