European Agrophysical Institute

  • The European Agrophysical Institute (EAI) was founded in 2013 and is organized as a nonprofit, scientific and education organization. It is registered in Lugano, Switzerland, according to Switzerland  laws.  

  • The scope of the EAI is focused on agrophysics as an interdisciplinary field of science and technology dealing with the broad spectrum of research areas including, among others: technical physics, mathematical physics, soil physics, atmosphere physics, agronomy, information technology and precision agriculture. The roots of agrophysics are based in Saint Petersburg (Russia) where A.F. Ioffe (1880 - I960) founded the principles of a new branch of natural and agricultural sciences and was the founder in 1932 Agrophysical Research Institute. A long time international activity on agrophysics is organized by efforts of the Institute of Agrophysics (Lublin, Poland), and Agrophysical Research Institute (Saint Petersburg, Russia).


  • Switzerland
Organization type: 
Research Institute